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Using Notion To Build Your Operational Hub

November 23rd, 1:30PM

For founders loooking to create a more holistic way of planing and running thier comapny, Notion is a an open ended tool full of endless possibilities . See how our founder get's and stays organized, inspired and motivated.

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    Who you'll be hanging out with:

    Unapologetic multi-hyphenated founder and Creative Pilot of SLCo & Agency x IDea Trust

    Nage Dales

    Pilot/Business Designer Brand Researcher

    Brooklyn, New York


    Why Notion is the antidote to software dating

    Using Notion to Make Your Business Model Canvas Actionable Year Round

    Creating a Trigger List and Work Audit For More Effective quarters

    Use Cases: Creating A Research Dashboard,

    Create Team Areas, A Flexible Knowledgebase